Hindsight: Out of the Blue Part 1

Author: Kelly Martin
Book #0 of Series: N/A
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Published year: 2014


Every story has a beginning. Even Walker's. He wasn't always sitting here... talking to you. He never had a reason before. He doesn't have a reason now-- except they make him. So he talks. You listen. This is how falling for a girl with an evil boyfriend cost him his life.Start at the beginning... You want to know how it all began. How I fell for her? How I started to love...? You want to know how I met Oliver Weston. How I grew to hate him? Why I did what I did? You want to know how it all began? Because every story has a beginning, doesn't it? Even mine. Especially mine. I loved her. I still do. And I hated him. Still do. So this is it. The start. My 'in the beginning'. This is how an average guy from Oklahoma ended up here... talking to you. It all started innocently enough. I needed a place to live. Jordan needed a roommate. It hit me out of the blue. I only wish it had ended differently. But we will get to that later. Start at the beginning... are you sure you are ready?