The Holdout

Author: BobMathews
Book #0 of Series: N/A
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Published year: 2015


Two jurors, Ralph and Stan, have a drink in a bar, discussing the rape and murder of a beautiful young woman. A jury stonewalled by a lone holdout means that the accused still walks free—even if he's not the man who killed her.Miracles do happen, and they do not discriminate the bad from the good. And in Victor's case, the miracle was Maria.When cornered by the unforgiving claws of death, Victor was left with no choice but to call upon the help of a Man he never believed in his entire life -- God. But just when he thought everything was over and just when he had accepted defeat, he found himself dropped into the care of loving Maria -- an emphatic veterinarian with a strong personality and deep faith in the Lord.As their involvement with each other gets deeper, Victor begins to encounter feelings and emotions he had never felt before -- the ones that will ultimately save him from the bad man that he was. Despite his willing efforts to change, however, his past kept knocking on his door, rattling the peace he was beginning to crave for.